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NADE Accreditation Commission

The NADE Accreditation process requires applicants to demonstrate application of theory, use of quality practices as defined by professional research and literature of the field, and analysis of baseline and comparative evaluation data to demonstrate the use of continuous and systematic assessment and evaluation. The program components eligible for accreditation are Tutoring Services, Course-based Learning Assistance, and Developmental Coursework.

Applicants validate their use of theory by providing required information on their theoretical framework(s), and they demonstrate their use of quality practices by submitting a summary of a self-study using the appropriate section of the NADE Self-Evaluation Guides. Applicants may use additional tools to supplement, but not replace, the use of the NADE Guides. Applicants demonstrate their use of continuous assessment to improve services and student learning by collecting, analyzing, and discussing at least two years of baseline data and at least two years of comparative data to confirm that the program component is constantly improving and evolving to meet its mission and goals.

Detailed information on the NADE Accreditation process, including contact information for the members of the NADE Accreditation Commission, is available at the NADE Accreditation Website.


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