Sponsorship Opportunities

Items in Hotel Space

  • Charging Station ($1500) -- for charging electronic devices; will display company logo
  • Floor Stickers ($500) -- includes company logo along with conference logo; provides critical directional information

  • Guest Room Key Card ($2,500) -- One side of one card given at check in on peak room night (Thursday) will have company logo/ad

  • Guidebook App Options

  • Sponsor the conference app, Guidebook ($3,000) -- includes company logo on menu page; seen every time someone visits menu page; logo links to company website; logo on app help table (limited to 1 sponsor)

  • Banner ad in app, Guidebook ($750) -- displayed at bottom of menu page; if more than one, will automatically rotate (limited to 3 sponsors)
    • Push Notification ($500) -- appears on the Interact feed, in the notifications box; will appear as a device alert (limit of three; one per sponsor)

      Special Events

      • Welcome Reception Sponsor ($1,500) for light food and beverage served Wednesday evening as people arrive for the conference; signage at reception and logo exposure in general session
      • Hospitality Room Sponsor ($1,500)  --room designated for conference attendees to visit to get a snack and chat with other attendees
      • Reception for Newcomers and International guests ($1,500) -- provides light snacks for first time attendees and those coming from outside the U.S.; signage at reception and logo exposure in general session

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