Pictures from 2019 Conference

Award Winner  Tallahassee CC Math Champions Program

Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait, Accreditation Award

Award Winners

Sam Crandall, Adjunct Award Winner

Annette Flemming, Martha Maxwell Student Award Winner

Darolyn Flaggs, Outstanding Research Award

Susan Godwin, Gladys Shaw Outstanding Service Award Winner

Amarillo College, Accreditation Award

Collin College, Programs of Promise Award

Porter Elementary, recipient of Literacy Project donations

Georgia chapter Conference Tri-Chairs  Janet O'Brien, Curtis Ricker, Susan Phillips

2019-2020 Executive Board  Carol Mueller, Wes Anthony, Denise Lujan, Annette Cook, Meredith Sides, Patrick Saxon

NOSS 2019-2020 Executive Board:  Carol Mueller, Treasurer; Wes Anthony, Vice-President; Denise Lujan, President; Annette Cook, Conference Manager; Meredith Sides, Secretary; Patrick Saxon, President-Elect

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