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NADE celebrates excellence by offering 19 awards, grants, and scholarships. All have a nomination submission deadline of November 1.

For details about the awards process, how to put together your awards packet, and where to submit your application packet, please click on the PDF file “General Application Procedures” under Resources below. If you have any questions, please send them to Tammy Bishop at

Tammy Bishop 
 Awards Committee Chair 
Wayne Community College
PO Box 8002
Goldsboro, NC 27533
Ph: (919) 739-6826

Administrator or Public Servant for Outstanding Support to Developmental Education

Recognizes the special supporting role of individuals other than Developmental Education professionals to the field of Developmental Education

Anne Ferguson Award for Professional Development 

Enables a NADE member to pursue professional development. Recognizes a NADE member who has excelled in professional development (e.g., instructional design, research/evaluation, individual/departmental/institutional growth)

Curtis Miles Award to an Outstanding Established Chapter

Recognizes excellence in state and regional chapters that have been in existence for at least six year

Gladys R. Shaw Outstanding Service to Developmental Education Students

Recognizes long-term service to developmental education students by a NADE member

Henry Young Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to NADE 

Recognizes long-term contribution of service to NADE

Hunter R. Boylan Outstanding Research/Publication Award

Recognizes recently completed non-thesis/dissertation research by a NADE member that contributes to the field of Developmental Education

Journal of Developmental Education Outstanding Article Award

Recognizes the outstanding article published in the Journal of Developmental Education since the previous conference. (Awarded by JDE)

John Champaign Memorial Award for Outstanding Developmental Education Program

Recognizes excellence in a Developmental Education program or one of its components

Kellogg Institute-NADE Scholarship

Enables a member to attend the Kellogg Institute for intensive work on current topics and state-of-the-art strategies for Developmental Education and Learning Assistance

Martha Maxwell Developmental Education Student Scholarship

Supports graduates of Developmental Education programs as they continue their college degree aspirations

Maxine Elmont Award for Outstanding Alumnus of a Career Associate Program

Recognizes an alumnus of a career program who has distinguished himself/herself in an educational career and other areas of life

NADE Adjunct Instructor Conference Fee Waiver

Supports attendance of adjunct personnel at the NADE annual conference

Outstanding New Chapter

Recognizes excellence in state and regional chapters that have been in existence for fewer than six years

Outstanding Proposed Research

Supports future non-thesis or dissertation research or research in progress by a NADE member

Susan E. Hashway Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award

Honors recently completed thesis or dissertation research by a NADE member

Vashti Muse Award for Outstanding Alumnus of a Developmental Education Program

Recognizes graduates of a Developmental Education program who have distinguished themselves in their continued studies and in their careers

William G. White Jr. Graduate Study Scholarship

Promotes graduate study in Developmental Education for the purpose of advancing research and/or practice in the field

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