NOSS exists to assist education professionals in making a positive difference in the lives of students.

Practitioner to Practitioner

This publication is designed as an opportunity for NOSS members to share and learn what is happening at colleges and universities around the country concerning student success.  Members are encouraged to submit articles regarding new programs, support services, strategies, placement, classroom assessments, advising, administration practices, etc.  NOSS is soliciting abstracts, as well as researched articles; research is not a requirement.   

NOSS Practitioner to Practioner Submissions Articles should relate to issues that inform and broaden our understanding and practice of teaching and learning in developmental education. The subject of the article may emphasize innovative approaches, best practices, how meaningful research affects teaching and learning, or techniques to enhance student performance. Review the “Call for Manuscripts” below for more information. Authorization to photocopy items for one-time personal use is granted by the National Organization for Student Success. Authorization is required for all other existing and subsequently developed means of reproducing analogous to, or performing the function of, photocopying, whether electronically or otherwise. 


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Call for Manuscripts

Practitioner to Practitioner “Promoting Communication among Education Professionals Who Care About Student Success” Call for Manuscripts Practitioner to Practitioner is a publication of the National Organization for Student Success (NOSS). NOSS invites articles of interest for professionals in higher education that relate to issues which inform and broaden members understanding and practice. The subject of the article may emphasize innovative approaches, best practices, or techniques to enhance student access, performance and/or retention. Researched or non-researched articles are accepted. If researched, then the article should include references. Please follow these guidelines when submitting your manuscript: • There is no deadline for submission. All submissions are accepted for review at any time. Practitioner to Practitioner will be published depending on the number of manuscript submissions. Issues are published electronically on the NOSS website. • Articles are written for faculty, counselors, support service professionals, and academic administrators. • The article must be typewritten. Practitioner to Practitioner articles are generally between 1200 and 1500 words and follow AP Style. • References, citations in the text, tables, figures or a bibliographic section are only necessary with researched articles. • The body should be double-spaced with one-inch margins, 12-point font. Do not justify the right margins. • The manuscript must include a cover sheet with: 1. Title of the article 2. The names of the author(s) 3. Job title and employer of each author 4. Name, address, and email of author responsible for correspondence. • The subject matter must be relevant to the journal’s audience. • Author information will appear at the end of the published article. • The manuscript must not have been published previously nor be scheduled for publication in any other publication. • Manuscripts must be electronically submitted in MS Word or Rich Text format as an attachment to Deb Daiek at • NOSS will acknowledge receipt of manuscripts via email within ten days. • Articles are not refereed. • All communication will be with the lead author, who is responsible for all communication with any additional author(s)

NADE Digest

The NADE Digest was a publication of the National Association for Developmental Education.  Past issues are available below for review.

Spring 2012--no issue
Spring 2010--no issue
Fall 2009--no issue
Spring 2008--no issue
Spring 2005 (1.1) not available

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