NOSS exists to assist education professionals in making a positive difference in the lives of students.

Emeritus Cabinet

The Emeritus Cabinet is composed of all past NOSS/NADE Executive Board officers. The Cabinet is currently chaired by Deb Daiek, appointed by the NOSS President, and serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board on matters for which the Executive Board seeks its counsel.

*Deceased in blue font

 2021-2022 Denise Lujan Meredith Sides Mary Monroe-Ellis  Glynis Mullins   John Craig Annette Cook
 2020-2021   Denise Lujan Meredith Sides Dan Nelson (interim)  Glynis Mullins  Carol Mueller Annette Cook
 2019-2020  Denise Lujan  Patrick Saxon (Interim)  Wes Anthony Meredith Sides Carol Mueller Annette Cook
2018-2019  Deb Daiek  Denise Lujan  Mary Zimmerer Meredith Sides Patrick Saxon Annette Cook
 2017-2018 Robin Ozz  Deb Daiek  Mary Zimmerer Meredith Sides Patrick Saxon Annette Cook
 2016-2017 Robin Ozz Deb Daiek Annette Cook Meredith Sides Patrick Saxon  NA
 2015-2016  Gwenn Eldridge Robin Ozz Margie MacDonald  Denise Lujan Patrick Saxon
 2014-2015 Taunya Paul   Gwenn Eldridge Margie MacDonald Denise Lujan  Patrick Saxon
 2013-2014 Patricia Levine-Brown Taunya Paul  Margie MacDonald Jacqueline Gaiters-Jordan  Patrick Saxon
 2012-2013  Rebecca Goosen  Patti Levine-Brown Margie MacDonald Jacqueline Gaiters-Jordan  Patrick Saxon
 2011-2012  Jane Neuburger  Rebecca Goosen Joyce Brasfield Adams  Betty Black  Patrick Saxon  NA
 2010-2011  Marcella Davis  Jane Neuburger Joyce Brasfield Adams Betty Black Patrick Saxon  NA
 2009-2010  Karen Patty-Graham Marcella Davis  Joyce Brasfield Adams Betty Black Jeanine Lewis  NA 
 2008-2009  Rosemary Karr  Karen Patty-Graham  Joyce Brasfield Adams  Betty Black Jeanine Lewis  NA
 2007-2008  Gerry McBroom  Rosemary Karr  Mickey Hay  Susan Ertel Jeanine Lewis  NA
 2006-2007  Hilda Barrow  Gerry McBroom   Mickey Hay  Susan Ertel Paul Hrabovsky  NA
 2005-2006  Dessie Williams  Hilda Barrow  Sonja Strahm  vacant Paul Hrabovsky  NA
 2004-2005  Pat Newell  Dessie Williams Sonja Strahm  Rick Casper Paul Hrabovsky  NA
 2003-2004  Susan Hashway  Pat Newell Vickie Kelly   Dessie Williams Paul Hrabovsky  NA
 2002-2003  Melodye Shore  Susan Hashway  Vickie Kelly  Jessie Giles  Carol Bader  NA
 2001-2002  Carol O'Shea  Melodye Wiens (Shore)  Karen Patty-Graham   Carol Atnip  Carol Bader  NA
 2000-2001  Linda Thompson Carol O'Shea   Karen Patty-Graham   Carol Atnip Bobbie Yellott   NA
 1999-2000  Martha Cassaza  Linda Thompson Karen Patty-Graham   Santiago Silva  Bobbie Yellott  NA
 1998-1999  TClifford Bibb  Martha Cassaza Karen Patty-Graham   Santiago Silva  Bobbie Yellott  NA
 1997-1998  Don Garnett  TClifford Bibb  Sue Hawkins  Daryl Herrmann Bobbie Yellott  NA
 1996-1997  David Arendale  Don Garnett  Sue Hawkins  Daryl Herrmann  Mary Ann Dvorsky  NA
 1995-1996  Gene Beckett  David Arendale Elaini Bingham Martha “Marty” French Mary Ann Dvorsky  NA
 1994-1995  Ada Belton Gene Beckett  Elaini Bingham Martha “Marty” French  Gladys Shaw  NA
 1993  Careltte Hardin  Ada Belton Anne Ferguson Jane Vire (Tichenor     Gladys Shaw  NA
 1992  Bertha Murray   Careltte Hardin Anne Ferguson  Jane Vire (Tichenor     Gladys Shaw  NA
 1991 Vashti Muse   Bertha Murray  Jean Opliger  Nancy Wood     Gladys Shaw  NA
 1990 Bonnie Orr  Vashti Muse  Jean Opliger  Nancy Wood   Thomas Cuppett  NA
 1989  Kaylene Gebert  Bonnie Orr  Nancy Boozer  Mildred Steele  Thomas Cuppett NA
 1988  Diane Vukovich

 Kaylene Gebert

  Nancy Boozer  Mildred Steele Juanita Robinson  NA
 1987  Harold Hild  Diane Vukovich  Maybel Henderson Gladdys Church Juanita Robinson   NA
 1986  Nancy Carriuolo  Harold Hild  Maybel Henderson  Gladdys Church Yvonne Carranza   NA
 1985  Phoebe Helm  Nancy Carriuolo  Henry Young

 Nancy Boozer

Dick Spangler/Yvonne Carranza   NA
 1984  Anita McDonald  Phoebe Helm  Nancy Carriuolo  Nancy Boozer  Lucille Warren-Beck NA
 1983  Curtis Miles Anita McDonald   Michael Hoban  Nancy Carriuolo  Lucille Warren-Beck NA
 1982  Hunter Boylan  Curtis Miles  John Elder Nancy Carriuolo  Anita McDonald NA
 1981  Hunter Boylan NA   Harold Hild  Charlotte Boyle Anita McDonald NA
 1980  Gary Saretsky NA  Harold Hild  Charlotte Boyle Diane Cooper NA
 1979  Gary Saretsky NA  Harold Hild  Mary Lamb Diane Cooper NA
 1978 Gary Saretsky NA  Nicholas Gennett

 Lesley Olsen

Diane Cooper NA
 1977 Gary Saretsky NA  Nicholas Gennett  Lesley Olsen  Diane Cooper NA

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