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The NOSS EAI Network is a beloved professional community dedicated to elevating unheard voices, advocating for diverse perspectives, and promoting an openness to growth for educational practitioners and the communities we serve. 

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The Equity, Access, & Inclusion Network works to increase the visibility of issues including social justice, anti-racism, and cultural consciousness within the NOSS (National Organization for Student Success) organization and the resources NOSS provides its members. Our mission is to establish an open environment to nurture our members and stakeholders commitment in centering our student success work within a framework of equity, access, and inclusion.

Throughout our history, educators and learning assistance professionals have been at the forefront in creating access, developing new pedagogies for teaching, and innovating academic support programs designed to support our diverse array of college students. Our profession recognizes the importance in promoting multicultural, cross-cultural, and intercultural experiences for our students as exposure to diverse people, customs, and ideas enhance social development, increases critical thinking, and prepares students for future careers in a global society. For many NOSS members, this framing is central to our practice while others may be at a more emergent level in their comfort and familiarity with explicitly addressing intersectional issues of power, race, class, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and other sources of difference. For educators who are new to racial equity work, we invite you to take Harvard University's Implicit Association Test.  [hyperlink: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/user/agg/blindspot/indexrk.htm] This test can help individuals identify their hidden biases. Recognition is the first step in change-making. We invite NOSS members to join us in our ongoing journey towards educational equity.

Race IAT - Harvard University

In the book Blindspot, the authors reveal hidden biases based on their experience with the Implicit Association Test.Project Implicit is graciously hosting electronic versions of Blindspot’s IATs.These should work properly on any desktop computer and on several touch-screen devices including iPads, Android tablets, Nook tablets, and the Kindle Fire.


Any NOSS members who are interested in joining the Equity, Access, & Inclusion Network can update their preferences in the Members only area of the NOSS Website.

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